Saturday, August 27, 2011

random thoughts

i miss my junior high

i want my money back

i completely determined to be just like Eric Smith

i want to be a better person

macbook please be mine
i hope my papers gonna be easy

i want to be happy

i miss you

i want to survive.

i want to pass the new girl episode on SHS! lol-_-

i... i don't know what am i doing now

ps: lately, my drawings are HORRIBLE. why? cause i have no feeling now that's why.

uhh. i hope you guys enjoy this movie.

and the translated one

Monday, August 1, 2011

i'm the freshman

helooooooooooooooooooooooo people long time no blog:)
sooow i'm in senior high now!!! hehehee
well. freshman year never is easy. in taylor swift's fifteen "waiting one of those senior boys will wink at you and say you know i haven't seen you around"
in my case? TOTALLY NOT. hahahaa
yeah, in my age, people talk about boys boys boys. well, for me? all i could think about now is how to survive high school. bwahaha

aaaaa i DO miss my junior high:( ugh.

and so, my new high school is... probably one of the state's most-matter-school. didn't mean to show off but to explain that being in this high school, you gotta be SUPER strong. it's all about competition here.
wish me luck \m/

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

you, me and the bottom line

you can't see it, but somehow, it exist.
we can make it disappear.
but well,
you choose not to. so do i.

so it's clear.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

year 2000, february 16th.

i always get jealous when i saw sisters having fun together.
i thought, how lucky, to have a sister. as in, sister literally, in a family.
i saw them laughing and having so much fun, exchanging clothes, sharing room, sharing everything.

but i am stupid. i have a sister.

but she had gone, for good. back when i was 5 years old. i barely remember her. STUPID ME.
i do i do i doo have a sister! how can i be so stupid, i even barely remember that I HAVE a sister!!!
what did i jealous to?

her name is fathya. and i remember one thing about her, she had already been pretty, even though she was still a baby.

oh fathya, i'm so sorry to barely forget you:( what kind of sister am i?
but you need to know, i still love you girl, with all my heart. and i always am.
oh. this is hard.

it was night. i remember i was playing in my gramma's room with my cousin when suddenly my mom came to the room and she came to me, she was burst in tears.
she was never been so much sad.
i was so confused, she told me that you're gone.
i knew i was 5 at that time, i didn't really know what's the meaning of death.
and i ran to our room, the room was crowded than ever.
then i saw something's pretty, the prettiest baby i've ever seen, just laid in the bed.
that was you.
then everything was became so blurry, i didn't remember the rest.
until, the next day.
my gramma's house became so crowded.
i believe my dad was crying.
people were doing solat for you, my dad was the imam.
then he took you somewhere, i didn't know where.
then he came back.
but not with you.

sooner i knew that you were really am gone, gone for good.
oh fathya, i'm such a bad sister to you. i knew i have a sister but i barely remember you.

16th february 2000 is your born day. that's making us, kids of maulana special cause we're all februarians:)

Allah love you so much so He called you, faster.
for me it was too fast, but i knew He know the best for you.
i really love you fathya i always will. and i will never, forget you.

cause you're gonna be, always gonna be, my little sister that i love with all my heart.

Friday, May 6, 2011

true friends.

oh. i miss my nine glory so much :(
the whole senior year and the jogja trip made us close to each other and it made me feel sad to leave them:(
i spent a fabulous year with them, really. they're all like my best friend...
you guys surprised me on my birthday, you made me cry! (re:tear of joy!)
you were there to listen when i'm feeling sad, you were there making me laugh even when i don't want to...
and remember my skecth books? your writing guyssss! my sketch book is full of your doodles and your funny writings...
AH! and we have so much songs that we always sing together so those were like glory's national song! hahaha like the aerosmith's don't want to miss a thing? i miss you guys :((
i miss the days we spent together!
and when the jogja trip, i was sick on day one, and you guys were there, making sure i'm okay...
i mean, when will i found a people that are so nice like you guys???

you guys are nice people! very nice indeed. i wish you guys best wishes and so, hope we will meet again and stay friends forever:)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Glorious 35!

just got back from indonesia's special region with beloved 35!!!!!!


guyssss itu kaya baru kemaren gue sama papa gue ngeliatin daftar kelas anak baru mp 35 kelas 7 trus gue masuk 7c....
itu kaya baru kemaren bgt skrg gue udah... selesai smp...
gue ga kenal siapa siapa, trus di belakang gue ada yume, akhirnya gue main sama yume mulu trus akhirnya gue main sama yang lain juga trus anak 7c semuanya jadi best friend gue ever since.
trus gue masuk 8a, kelas paling gaul! hahaha anaknya asik2 semua seru2 solid lg, trus tererereeng gue masuk 9G, kelas paling solid sama kelas paling rame uouo sifatnya sama semua sekelas!
aaaah skrg smp udh selesaaaai!

can you believe it? cepet bgt!!!
i never have any friends like you guys, u guys are the most caring, fun, funny friends that i ever have!!
i never ever gonna forget you guys cz u guys r the best!
and i'm surely, gonna miss u all so bad:(

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


next week the big exam... YAY! I'll remember you 35!!
i'm ever so very sorry for what i've done to you guys...

i'm guessing something, is true or not? but if it's true... :)
if it's not then... wutevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah LOL Hahaha i'm good :D